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Alt-Protein: Eating away climate change?

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An EUobserver magazine exploring the transition to a more climate-friendly diet.


ALT-PROTEIN Why your next meat dish may have been nowhere near an animal Europe is now looking whether cell-based meat should be on the menu By CLAIRE TURRELL Plump sun-dried tomatoes, springy pasta and crispy chicken… To the uninitiated, this looked like a regular bistro dish, but what’s different about this bowl of pasta, is that the chicken didn’t originate from a farm, but a lab. Huber’s Butchery in the upmarket enclave of Dempsey, Singapore, is the first butcher in the world to sell cultivated meat. Today I was getting a glimpse of the future. On 19 December 2020, the Singaporean government gave the US company Eat Just approval to sell cultivated meat to the public. Eat Just’s Good Meat chicken has been served at hotels, private members’ clubs and street food stalls, but by serving it at this bistro, this is the first time it has been sold by a butcher. Chef Chong Jun Xiang, who worked at the private members club 1880 in Singapore, is now tasked with introducing this next generation ingredient to diners. The R&D chef is usually working at a kitchen in Bedok above Eat Just’s manufacturing facility, but today he is whipping up a vegetable orecchiette topped with crispy cultivated chicken in the kitchen of Huber’s bistro ready for me to test. The Good Meat factory Source: Eat Just

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