9 months ago

Digital EU: the Good, the Bad — and the Ugly

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The European Union has impressive digital ambitions and an equally impressive array of initiatives, proposals, directives and regulations, all designed to make the bloc ‘fit for the digital age’.


TABLE OF CONTENTS ‘DIGITAL EU’: THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY 26 28 30 In this issue Gearing up for tomorrow: Enhancing Europe’s tech competitiveness Spyware scandals in Europe are ‘much worse than Watergate’ The outdated myths and exciting reality of ‘Digital Africa’ 6 10 12 32 36 40 Europe’s push to reform the 'digital jungle' Vestager: ‘Technology must not steal our time' Europe’s push to reform the 'digital jungle' Civil society calls for a rights-respecting Artificial Intelligence Act EU and ASEAN must step up digital connectivity ties amid rising geopolitical tensions Chinese-EU digital cooperation is possible – but needs political will Worse than ‘deep fakes’ disinfo’s new and more-powerful apps 14 18 22 44 46 50 AI forecasting and profiling, or bias and discrimination? How does ‘Digital Strategic Autonomy’ really work? Expansion of datacollection is eroding EU values and rights A European ‘rightto-repair’: The EU Commission needs to clear way for a circulareconomy revolution To lead in cyberspace, the EU needs to avoid 'digital tribalism' An A-Z glossary of digital and tech jargon 5

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