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Europe in Review 2014

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EUobserver, in its second annual review, looks back at the main events of 2014: Russia's annexation of Ukraine; the selection of the EU's new top cadre; separatism in Europe and more.


PHOTOSSERIES euobserver EDITORIAL ADDRESS EUobserver Magazine Rue Belliard 18b 1040 Bruxelles Belgium Editor Lisbeth Kirk Editorial contributors Honor Mahony, Andrew Rettman, Peter Teffer, Valentina Pop and Ben Fox Danish prime minister Helle Thorning -Schmidt (c) jokes with former EU council president Herman Van Rompuy (r) and former EU commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso. For a time she was in the running to succeed Van Rompuy. Photo: The Council of the European Union ARTICLE LAYOUT ADVERTISING EUobserver Magazine Rue Montoyer 18B 1000 Brussels Belgium Filip Lugovic Daniele Castaldelli PRINT Drukkerij Van der Poorten n.v. WELCOME to The New Year to a new Photo: EUobserver EUOBSERVER Uwe Corsepius (l), secretary-general of the European Council, speaking with Donald Tusk on the day, 30 August, the Polish PM was selected to become president of the EU Council. Tusk started the job on 1 December. Photo: The Council of the European Union DISTRIBUTION EUobserver Magazine Rue Montoyer 18B 1000 Brussels Belgium Meg Chang PRICE PER COPY €4,75 + postage, excl vat / discounts on larger purchases PUBLISHER ASBL MAKING SENSE OF THE EU EUobserver is an independent online newspaper which values free thinking and plain speech. We aim to support European democracy by giving people the information they need to hold the EU establishment to account. HIGH QUALITY JOURNALISM EUobserver is a non-profit organisation established in Brussels in 2000. It is financially and editorially independent of the EU institutions. Our team of experienced journalists file daily news reports from the EU capital and do in-depth investigations on topics of special interest. If you want EUobserver to look into a specific issue, please contact our editors. We protect our sources. Cover photo © European People’s Party We are taking two big leaps in 2015: Beyond Brussels and Premium Content. By Lisbeth Kirk BEYOND BRUSSELS The EU is more than just Brussels. You need to know what the EU institutions are doing. But you also need to know what it means in reality. This is why EUobserver is increasing its coverage of Europe beyond Brussels. Europeans should get to know each other better for democracy to work properly. We’ll keep writing quality news and investigative reports from the EU capital. We’ll keep offering our site as a venue for serious debate. But in 2015, EUobserver is expanding with a new team of correspondents who will file on-the-ground reports and analysis from the EU member states. PREMIUM CONTENT How can we do all this for free? The fact is we can’t and we don’t. For the past 14 years, EUobserver has been financed by a mix of advertisers, income from EUlinked projects, and independent foundations. Our staff has contributed their hard work. But we also need you - our readers. This is why we’re launching Premium Content. From 2015 we offer individual readers: full access to all our first-class stories and full access to our archives for an introductory price of €75/year. Normal price €150/year. There is no democracy without free press. But free press comes at a price. Become part of EUobserver by showing your support. Email for questions and information. German chancellor Angela Merkel shares some thoughts with EPP president Joseph Daul in July. The centre-right political family won the most seats in the European elections in May. Photo: EPP Former EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton (l) shaking hands with Federica Mogherini at a summit in Brussels in March. Mogherini was still the Italian foreign minister at the time, but would succeed Ashton by the end of the year. Photo: The Council of the European Union In January 2014 Russian president Vladimir Putin attended an EU-Russia summit - two months later he annexed Crimea. Putin is flanked by former EU Council chief Herman van Rompuy (l). Photo: The Council of the European Union 02 ––––– Europe in review 2014 Europe in review 2014 ––––– 03

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