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Europe in Review 2014

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EUobserver, in its second annual review, looks back at the main events of 2014: Russia's annexation of Ukraine; the selection of the EU's new top cadre; separatism in Europe and more.

Dear Mr. Juncker, We

Dear Mr. Juncker, We need to talk… 2015 As president of the European Free Alliance, I welcome you, Mr. Juncker, and the newly appointed Commissioners, to your new posts. Europe faces strategic choices when it comes to defend democracy, and will have to build a new political logic that includes regions and stateless-nations as accountable entities (with own opinions, ambitions and decision power at the European level), advocating for their right to decide upon their own future. The right to self-determination (as recently claimed and exercised by two European nations: Scotland and Catalonia) is universal, and the democratic and transparent expression of the political ambitions of all European stateless-nations should be seen as a normal exercise in a democratic Europe. It’s time for the EU institutions to acknowledge and respect the right to decide of the peoples of Europe and to tackle the issue of internal enlargement. Mr. Juncker, The European Free Alliance is ready to support, accompany and lead stateless-nations and regions to design together with the European institutions a new architecture for Europe: the Europe of the Peoples. IT’S THE ECONOMY, STILL After a year of suspended action, the EU needs to show some results in 2015. But changing political landscapes in member states could prove a distraction. By Honor Mahony François Alfonsi President of EFA Sí The European Free Alliance (EFA) is a European Political party recognized by the European Parliament (EP). EFA’s political goals are the defense of the right to self-determination of peoples; the support of stateless nations, regions and minorities; the promotion and equality of European historic languages and cultures; and the strive for the Europe of the Peoples. Diversity Democracy Referendum Generation yes! Revolution of smiles Regenerating democracy Self-determination HAPPY 2015 This publication is fincanced with the support of the European Parliament (EP). The EP is not responsible for any use made of the content of this publication. Pablo Iglesias (36) leads the Spanish anti-establishment movement Podemos (meaning ‘We can’). It was founded by political scientists in early 2014, won its first EP seats in May and topped the polls by the end of the year. Europe in review 2014 ––––– 09

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