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Europe in Review 2016

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The biggest events that shaped the European Union in 2016.

Primary school teacher

Primary school teacher Rossano Ercolini redesigned the waste management system in his home town of Capannori. He now leads the zero waste wave in Europe Photo: Zero Waste France Photo: Fotomovimiento 10 — EUROPE IN REVIEW DECEMBER 2016

The EU's migration policy in 2016 was marked by a record number of deaths at the Mediterranean and deep rifts among member states on how to handle asylum. By Nikolaj Nielsen More people died crossing the EU in 2016 than ever before. Despite widespread search and rescue efforts, over 4,600 people perished after leaving from north Africa and Turkey. a long-held narrative that Europe is a beacon for its treatment of refugees and respect for human rights. Instead, EU policies on migration, asylum, border among member states, as the concept of solidarity becomes ever more elusive. Populist groups in Austria, Denmark, Germany, France and the Netherlands have used the crisis immigrants. They are following in the footsteps of established Poland reiterated their opposition to refugees and France, meanwhile, managed to dismantle and shut down the so-called Jungle in Calais, where around 8,000 people had camped out in a desperate bid to reach the UK. But the big EU plan had always been to somehow undermine the business of migrant smuggling, save lives while doing it, overhaul EU-wide asylum rules, and cut lucrative deals with countries like Afghanistan and Nigeria to send the unwanted back to where they came from. The EU has had some moderate success in keeping people from arriving, while shoring up controls with into a more powerful and larger European border and coast guard agency. EUROPE IN REVIEW DECEMBER 2016— 11

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