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Europe in Review 2016

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The biggest events that shaped the European Union in 2016.


2016 in pictures Poland the public media and the administration to gain more control over the country. The move led the EU to open a rule of law monitoring process and triggered demonstrations led by the newly created Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD). Photo:Grzegorz Zukowski Nato summit against Russia. Photo: Spain Spanish conservative leader in on 31 October. After 10 months of political stalemate and two inconclusive to form a government because the Socialist party Photo:Pool Moncloa / Diego Crespo 30 — EUROPE IN REVIEW DECEMBER 2016 Italy quakes Central Italy was hit by three and destroying villages and many historical monuments. The events led prime minister Matteo Renzi to the region. Photo:Reuters

Austria pro-EU forces against anti-EU populist parties. Photo:Reuters/Leonhard Foeger Italy Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi resigned in December after he lost a constitutional referendum on 4 December to reform the parliament and the electoral system. He had transformed the vote into a plebiscite over his own Photo:Reuters Oettinger

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