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Europe in Review 2016

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The biggest events that shaped the European Union in 2016.

Photo: Reuters Trump has

Photo: Reuters Trump has helped directly by pledging to “work with” Farage to international fame via personal meetings. The Breitbart website has said it would launch operations in Europe, in a project set to feed more hard-right content to EU audiences. The Trump campaign also showed, more broadly, the power of disinformation to steer public debate. Some pro-Trump media fed voters a steady diet of fake stories that gained traction on social media even after normal newspapers had debunked them in what came to be called “post-truth” politics. AfD, on recent form, could grab more than 20 percent of the vote. Obama warned that if Trump did not take his new because of the harsh scrutiny placed upon White House incumbents. Trump has broken with past form by refusing to divest his business assets into a blind trust, handing control to his close family instead. Pro-Trump trolling, as with anti-EU, and pro-Russia trolling is now likely to become a bigger feature in the European information theatre. MERKEL STANDS ALONE of liberal values on the world stage. talk of military integration, she has no army strong enough to defend EU territory or to project its allowed to receive “emoluments” from foreign rulers treatment from foreign partners due to his post then he might fall foul of that law. There is no judicial precedent for impeaching a president over emoluments and there would be no incentive for fellow Republican Party members to go after his head, however. He has already gotten away with an outrageous campaign. With all the levers of power in his hands, he might get away with larceny as well. 06 — EUROPE IN REVIEW DECEMBER 2016

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