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Future Cities: Shaping Europe from the bottom up

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The 2016 edition of EUobserver's Regions & Cities magazine looks at the cities of the future in Europe. While the EU is grappling with challenging problems - Brexit, migration, the economy, terrorism, to name a few - many European cities are reinventing themselves and tackling these problems in their own way.


Photo: Heather Cowper 20 years ago, I joined a kayak club and we had "It was really a nasty, smelly harbour back then. were polluting industries in the harbour. Trash was simply thrown overboard." boards, all kinds of rowing, motor boats and even they take the family on a picnic on a boat. It holds a lot of opportunity and is a big change for a lot of As head of sport events, he has just released the up paddle and paddleboard world championships. Public investment in cleaning the waste water in the harbour and the canals has brought new value to the city. "The number of people with their own kayak is growing, you have people standing on paddle "This year it is hosted in Fiji, it has been in time it is going to be in Europe. They chose us in things we do for the environment," he says. 24 — FUTURE CITIES OCTOBER 2016

WHY DON'T WE JUST DO IT? "It was back in 1999, when we were in the process of renewing our sewers and cleaning all our waste water before letting it out in the sea." noted that now the harbour water was so clean that you could actually swim in it. wires and swimming will be allowed in these permanent sites. Also facilities for kayaking, paddling and rowing in the harbour will be upgraded. water easier for kayaks," Kamp Hansen says. "Two young architects called Bjarke Ingels and Julien de Smedt, who almost nobody knew at the bath. It is the one that we have on Islands Brygge." 120,000 more people in the city, which is 20 percent more than today. But it has also to be growth with life quality," Hansen said. And with possibilities for physical activity. super-ambitious projects such as Google's HQ and quality of life for the city's inhabitants and are a popular attraction for tourists. It's like having a beach in the city centre. But more is coming. Photo: Lisbeth Kirk Photo: Lisbeth Kirk

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