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How Europe manages the sharing economy

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EUobserver's 2017 edition of its Business in Europe magazine takes a closer look at the the sharing economy.

From Uber's side,

From Uber's side, Constanzo stressed that national regulations in EU countries are often outdated, and willing to contribute to the debate on a more modern legal framework. REBELLION FROM INSIDE drivers. Some of them contest Uber's authority, especially in regard to setting prices and the removal of supposedly badly-behaved ride-sharers, which means they can no longer operate as drivers. "Uber is only the intermediary – they should not be able to set the price," Sayah Baaroun told EUobserver. Baaroun is the secretary general of UNSA VTC, a labour union representing Uber drivers. After lengthy talks with Uber, UNSA VTC called for a "boycott" of the platform in early April. Another strategy for drivers is to ask for employee status. Some UK drivers followed this line of reasoning and, in October 2016, were recognised by an English court as having the right to receive minimum wage and holiday pay. Constanzo from Uber insisted again that the company always complies with national legal frameworks. "But there is a broader debate on the effects of technology on work, and on the development of independent work," he said. He also stressed that "the main reason people work for Uber is the possibility to work independently." Abdelhatif, an Uber driver, told EUobserver that he agreed with this, whilst sitting in his car on a rainy Belgian Saturday evening. He has a regular job in a train station, and appreciates earning some extra money with the app – up to € 150 per evening. "If I feel like working late in the evening, I just take my car and drive people. But if I feel tired, well, I can stop whenever I want." An Uber advertisement. Photo: Uber 18 — SHARING ECONOMY & EUROPE MAY 2017

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