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Regions & Cities: The EU Agencies Race

EUobserver's 2017 Regions & Cities magazine takes a closer look at EU agencies and the benefits for cities and regions to host them. The UK leaving the EU has prompted a scramble for the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority among most of the remaining member states. But what makes a city competitive? Which cities stand a good chance to become the new hosts? And what do EU agencies bring to the local economy?

ut to many Londoners,

ut to many Londoners, the presence of the two EU agencies is entirely unknown. A Brazilian employee at an Italian restaurant in the shadow of the EMA's building, for example, was unaware of what its occupants do until this was pointed out to him during a conversation with EUobserver. Many of the people approached for this article, including him, did not want to give their name because they were not allowed by their employers to speak to the press on the record. The imminent departure of the EU agencies - due to Brexit - is not a subject of concern amongst the restaurant's staff. "No one has any problems. No one comments badly about it," he said. To the bid teams competing for the EMA and the EBA after they are forced to leave London, the HOTEL BOOKINGS Within Canary Wharf, the EMA and EBA form a part of the ecosystem of government bodies, Much has worriedly been written about the loss of business due to the departure of the EMA. On top of its 800 or so employees, the agency draws in around 36,000 visitors a year for meetings Photo: chas B 04 — REGIONS & CITIES OCTOBER 2017

and conferences. Securing the relocation of an agency could be a boon for any future host city. "[Their departure] will be felt," said the manager of a hotel in Canary Wharf, who did not want to share her name. "Depending on who moves into the building, we don't know if they will generate the same number of travellers." Without specifying the exact amount, she said bookings directly from the EMA", adding that a number of other EMA visitors book privately and are therefore harder to track. REGULAR CUSTOMERS Liga, the manager of a bar-restaurant opposite the EMA, likewise highlighted the importance survives on the business created by people working in the buildings around it. She pointed at two people sitting by a window in the restaurant, deep in conversation. "These two guys, they are from Switzerland," she said. "They work in the drug industry so they come here all the time. They are coming once a month and staying for like a week, and they are becoming our regular customers because it's just across Photo: aa REGIONS & CITIES OCTOBER 2017— 05

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