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Regions & Cities 2012: Economic Crisis & Austerity

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The 2012 edition of EUobserver's Regions & Cities magazine looks at the impact of the economic crisis on Europe.

Regions & Cities 2012: Economic Crisis &

EUOBSERVER OCTOBER 2012 FOCUS MAGAZINE REGIONS & CITIES REGIONS jOIN ARMy OF EU lobbyISts The number of lobbyists in Brussels working for regions, cities and municipalities has grown to about 1,500 people CatalAN SEpARAtISt lOOks to CRISIS with hope Independentism has become a cross-cutting movement REGIONS AND AUSTERIty Regional funding at stake as EU states battle over budget. Talks on the next budget are tougher than usual. Danuta Huebner: PolAND IS a “DIFFERENt COUNtry” thANks to EU FUNDING RANkING the REGIONS: pEOple live lONGESt IN NavARRE Culture increasingly seen as path to economic growth - Subsidies are down, as is the number of municipalities - Energy Island Samso - Continental Croatia and Adriatic Croatia. OCTOBER 2012 REGIONS & CITIES 1

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